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Heidi Heaslet


Heidi Heaslet is a megaBABE and is definitely cooler than you. Read about her here.

We have a girl crush on Heidi Heaslet, aka @TheRedHeadHeidi. We sat down with her at the classy Desert Rose in Los Feliz to talk about acting, Vining, hip hop and dudes. We had just finished our photoshoot, but Heidi had no reservations about chilling with us in her crop top, overalls and snapback. That’s what we love about her: although she dances in Taio Cruz videos, is insta-famous and is seriously stunning, she always keeps it real.

A California native, Heidi spent the majority of her youth moving from city to city, getting involved in various performing arts theaters around the state. She knew she was going to be an actress the day her dad’s girlfriend sent her to an audition at the Oceano Melodrama (where she and Zac Efron were booked on the same pilot at 14-years-old).

“Professionally, I will always love the theater. Any theater-based actor, there’s really nothing like it. A lot of the credit in film should go to the director and editors - there’s so much less that the actor has to do. But in theater it’s all on your performance and you can’t get away with anything - if you’re not good in theater, then you’re not good.”

Self-proclaimed, “horrible singer,” she decided against moving to New York, choosing instead to stay close to family in Los Angeles to pursue her acting career. “Shout out to Grandma!” She starting landing roles and dropped out of Santa Monica College after a year to focus on a Warner Bros. Freaks and Geeks-style web series called Downers Grove. When the show ended, she worked behind-the-scenes in production, where she met LYKA’s Lillie at Bob Industries, and quickly realized that her true passion was still in front of the camera. She knew she owed it to herself to give acting a fair shot.

“I used to get so far not trying, and that would justify to me why I didn’t get a part. I would be like ‘Yeah, but I didn’t even try.’ But now I know that that’s not actually satisfactory… That attitude gives you an excuse, but it doesn’t feel good in the long run. It doesn’t feel good to look back to be like, I didn’t even try or what if I had tried?”

Her career took a turn when her social media following blew the fuck up. She gained her followers off of Vine and Instagram videos that went viral, where her Kanye covers, hip-hop dance videos and selfies get thousands of likes each. Social media has been a place where she can express her love for hip-hop. “There’s an innate hood girl that lives in me somewhere.”

“I’ve just always loved hip-hop. My half brother introduced me to Tupac and Mase and all that stuff and I couldn’t get enough of it. Whether it was a positive message or talking about bitches and hoes, I just loved it. I LOVED it. I definitely thrive most in a hood club dancing until 2am. That gives me life.”

She’s recently been hyped on Stones Throw Records for finding new hip-hop after seeing their documentary Our Vinyl Weighs A Ton. It features artists that genuinely want to connect with their audience and pave their own creative path. That kind of independent spirit resonates with Heidi at this stage of her life. Having worked both sides of the industry, she knows the constant battle between creative and corporate, and aspires to make a living off of something that makes her happy. “Idk, maybe that’s an indie thing.”

Even though she’s currently wrapping Estelle and Taio Cruz videos, she’s inspired by independent film. She’s in a new short film currently being submitted for an HBO diversity project and hopes to spend more time working on indie jobs. Her current dream collab is with a friend of hers, Jordan Vogt-Roberts, whose directorial debut was last year’s, Kings of Summer.

“Shout out to you, Jordan. We’re friends and that’s a dream collaboration. So figure it out, man. Tag him in that.”

Until then, she’s got a lot of “Hot Cop #3” roles lined up. That regular Union hustle.

"I just shot Criminal Minds playing a cop. No lines, don’t get excited guys... but I come up to the wardrobe trailer and the stylist looks at me and goes, ‘I’m going to give you the female cop uniform.’ And I’m like, ‘Ok, duh.’ But then I realize the female cop uniform is very tight and high waisted. I was like ‘Oh for sure, she’s going to say that this is too tight…’ She gave all the other girls men’s uniforms because it was that tight. So I asked, ‘Isn’t this small…?’ and she was like ‘It’s great.’ When all the crew guys came up and were all, ‘Hey, I’m John…’ I was like, ‘Yeah, it’s definitely as tight as I think it is.”

"My other favorite is when I worked with David Hasselhoff as one of his Baywatch babes. I was in the full on red Baywatch suit, and unlike before how I was the only girl that could fit into the cop uniform, for this I was the only girl whose ass couldn’t fit in the suit. Everyone had a high cut and I had a full on G-string. Someone was like, ‘Are you comfortable?’ And I was like, ‘Y’all hired me, it’s too late now, haha.’ David Hasselhoff was very nice.”

She’s currently single and mingling, but justified our social lives by stating that dating in LA sucks. We bonded over feeling fulfilled through accomplishments at work, as opposed to waiting around for text messages about why a boy didn’t call you back.

“I always say you get what you go for. If you wanna see more of a lady, I’m going to have to see more of a man. If you’re approaching me like, “We’re just friends,” then we’re just kicking it. But if you start bringing flowers or planning dinner dates, then yeah, I might cross my legs and wear a nice dress. If you don’t, then I’m showing up in a baseball cap and cut off jeans. What it do?! That’s how I treat the dating scene.”

As for now she doesn’t have time for dating games, she’s too busy focusing on her career. But if she had to name a celebrity crush, it would be Michael B. Jordan, “Not the basketball player...I MELT five million times over. MELT. I’m done.”

It’s obviously not surprising that Heidi has become so popular so fast. It’s rare to see someone in the entertainment industry so grounded and so comfortable with themselves, while at the same time still genuinely talented. We’re not worried about where her career is headed: from Taio Cruz videos to Sundance movies, with an attitude hers you’re bound to be successful.

“Shout out to the indie filmmakers, let’s hang out.”

Where’s your favorite brunch spot in LA?
I’ve had so many good brunches in my lifetime. I’ve had great times at the Hudson and Taste on Melrose. My friend and I like old school spots like TGI Friday’s and Kitchen 24 too… I do love TGI Friday’s and DO NOT fall asleep on the TGI Friday’s lobster… their lobster is no joke.

Are you a bloody mary or mimosa person?
I’m definitely a mimosa person. Boa - has a great brunch, bottomless bellinis AND bottomless mimosas.

What’s your favorite drink?
I love whiskey but I’ve been on a gin kick lately, so I like my Bombay. For whiskey, I really like Macallan and Black Maple Hill bourbon, so good. I always say the Irish keeps me out drinking and the German gets me up in the morning to work. Decent combo. Because I’m a pretty awesome drinker.